What We Do

What We Do

MSP Division:

The MSP division is tasked with keeping your machines and servers running.

We automate your backups, and updates.

We monitor your machines and have the ability to remote into machine to assist with those annoying little IT issues like Printers and Email.. etc..

We can setup you network.

Is your WiFi giving you trouble?

Are you running out of ports on your switch?

Have a firewall issue?

Or problems with user accounts?

The MSP can help you.

CABLING Division

Do you need a wire run?

Look no further.

CAT5/6, Fiber, Coax, speaker wire.. High or low we run it, label and terminate it.

Need your Switch room rewired, racks relabeled, and lines traced and certified?

Got something that needs mounting? A TV, a cameras, APS, or NANO Beams?

Our cabling team knows the codes and just a call away.