Information Security

Information Security

Organizations are faced with a security technology arms race characterized by expanding security threats, security vulnerabilities, and complex countermeasures.

Gone are the days when installing a firewall and an anti-virus system “covered the bases” for security. Escalating attack frequencies, increasingly sophisticated and widely published exploit methods, and high profile security incidents can result in:

  • Theft of Company Assets
  • Inappropriate usage of computing resources
  • Exposure of confidential information
  • Disruption or denial of services
  • Public relations or regulatory compliance issues

Security Lifecycle Management

Dempsey Business Systems helps address security-related risks through a comprehensive security management model:

  • Assess & Audit - assess risks, threats and vulnerabilities; determine desired security posture; audit security controls vs. standards
  • Prevent & Protect - determine acceptable risk profile; implement appropriate security controls; develop security policies and processes
  • Monitor & Manage - monitor security posture & policy compliance; identify threats & detect attacks; manage security infrastructure & controls
  • Support & Recover - maintain security posture; respond to security incidents; recover from incidents


  • Network Security Health Check
  • Security Testing & Assessment
  • Email Security
  • Virus and Spyware Protection
  • Firewall Management
  • Compliance
  • Authentication & Passoword Management
  • Wireless Security