Software-Streaming Platform

Software- Streaming Platform

Demspey Business Systems is a Certified Integration Partner of Ardence. The Ardence Software-Streaming Platform delivers the right operating systems and applications, to the right computer, at the right time - creating a new model for dynamic, cost-effective software deployment.

Using Ardence's software-streaming technology, any x86-based computer - desktop, server, or device - can be provisioned, or re-provisioned, with a Microsoft Windows OS or Linux OS from bare metal to production in minutes.

Ardence's on-demand virtualization enables unprecedented IT agility; increases security and reliability, and provides powerful options for the way businesses think about their processes and their market strategies.

Ardence's ability to stream operating systems and applications on-demand from network storage enables key benefits:

Data Center

  • Provision servers from bare metal to production in minutes, not hours or days
  • Re-provision servers on-demand - i.e. run Citrix in the day; billing at night
  • Significantly reduce power, HVAC and space requirements
  • Increase flexibility to deliver on Service Level Agreements
  • Re-think business processes


  • Eliminate 80% of the software problems and trouble tickets
  • All data is stored and secured on the network and using Ardence’s port-blocking capabilities eliminates the ability to remove data from a PC.
  • Re-provision desktops on-demand - i.e. instantly re-purpose a user's desktop with a different OS-application image for a different job
  • At least double the PC to FTE (support person) ratio
  • Re-think business best practices